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Jared Kamrass Cincinnati OH

About Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH

Jared Kamrass is a political strategist and entrepreneur born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. Jared grew up the son of a Rabbi who quickly instilled values of civic engagement and uplifting others within the community onto him and his siblings. Jared initially became interested in the political process through watching West Wing with his family and was further inspired by Barack Obama’s DNC Convention Speech in 2004.

Jared Attended Ohio State University with goals of pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. This path was altered after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and subsequently began treatment. It was at this time where Jared Kamrass became intimately aware of the state of healthcare in the United States and how health outcomes were often tied to factors such as economic circumstances. This was made especially apparent as he made friends with a peer undergoing treatment for Leukemia without health insurance. After entering remission and returning to college, Jared made the decision to commit to positive change by working to elect policymakers interested in ending structural inequalities.

Jared returned to Cincinnati where he served as a local campaign manager, later taking the step to open his own firm, Rivertown Strategies, in 2013. Notably, Rivertown Strategies began as a small scale operation before growing into a successful small business featuring solutions for media planning, fundraising, and strategic consulting for local, state, and federal office candidates and ballot initiatives. The company would become key in electing Ohio policymakers working on the front line of a variety of issues and expanded to work in states such as Pennsylvania, Oregon, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Additionally, Mr. Kamrass served as a Senior Advisor to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the 2020 election cycle, the University of Cincinnati Department of Athletics, and FC Cincinnati.

Jared Kamrass currently serves as a Principal at Technicolor Political where he assists with media consultancy and ad making for political clients such as candidates for local and statewide office, Governor, Congress, and more. Technicolor Political has built a reputation in the political space as a successful, Black-owned firm working with the Democratic party to produce content that disrupts more traditional advertising approaches to connect with diverse audiences, focus on key issues impacting communities, and attract attention in our constantly evolving technological landscape.

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Jared Kamrass Cincinnati OH

Political Resources

One of the goals of this site is to draw from Jared Kamrass’s experience in politics to share various resources linked to the field. Whether you are a community member interested in learning about key processes in elections, political advertising, or campaign management or an experienced professional in the field looking to grow your understanding of how to implement innovative strategies, JaredKamrassCincinnatiOH.com has you covered. Through a diverse range of political resources based on Jared’s insights, interested readers can seize opportunities within the space, work to show their commitment to communities and their diverse needs, and learn how to streamline processes to the betterment of political organizations.

Advertising and Consulting Insights

Political advertising and consulting insights are incredibly valuable for professionals interested in developing their acumen and leveraging their skills to contribute to effective campaigns, political strategy, and ads that truly connect with members of the community. With this in mind, content inspired by Mr. Kamrass’s insights hope to show readers resources that demystify key processes, include insights from thought leaders and experienced professionals advancing the space, and more.

Real Estate

Mr. Kamrass’s career in politics and interest in staying plugged in to happenings within the Cincinnati community has meant that he remains up to date with real estate developments in his home city. Jared speaks to how following real estate developments can help individuals keep up with changes to public buildings, the extremely fast-paced housing market, investments in infrastructure, and more. Readers can expect future real estate content to provide in-depth information on changes within the city and how Cincinnati plans to address them via policies, real estate sales, and future plans that empower the area to continue to grow and adapt.


Jared mentions that the role of technology in politics only continues to grow as advancements allow for improved evaluation of metrics, more comprehensive distribution for ads and political content, improved digital security, and artificial intelligence to serve as a resource for streamlining key processes. One of Mr. Kamrass’s favorite aspects of technology and its applications within politics is that professionals are always finding more interesting ways to integrate it into strategy. For this reason, content addressing technology on this site hopes to include more information on its scope, impact, benefits, and amazing uses for campaigns, consulting, strategic development, and more.

Ohio State/ Big Ten Athletics

As an Ohio State alumni, Jared Kamrass and his family are huge Ohio State football fans and enjoy following Big Ten athletics in their household. If you are looking for information on Ohio State sports and comprehensive insights on happenings within the Big Ten, tune in to JaredKamarassCincinnatiOH.com!

Election Information/ Political Developments

Now, more than ever, people are realizing the importance of remaining tuned in to election information and political developments as a means to keep up with candidates who align with their interests as voters, topics currently being debated by politicians, policy changes, and much more. Jared Kamrass wishes to include content inspired by his insights on such developments, helping readers who want to remain informed about the political landscape and make more educated choices regarding their votes.

Want to learn more about politics, real estate, technology, and more from an experienced political professional such as Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH? Be sure to tune in to this site for more informative content based on Mr. Kamrass’s insights.